Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom

Thursday, March 23, 2023
New Lexington Library

Join us for a first-hand account from Abraham Lincoln himself about the history of the United States of America during his time, from his childhood on the frontier to the twelve turbulent years from 1854 to 1865 which nearly destroyed our young nation but instead eventually resulted in a “new birth of freedom.”

This program is presented by Kevin Wood, a professional Lincoln presenter who bears a remarkable resemblance to “the Great Emancipator” and who is extremely knowledgeable about his life and times.  Mr. Wood has been portraying Mr. Lincoln since the year 2000, and on a professional basis since 2015.  He has made over 1,600 appearances in 31 states plus Washington DC and two foreign countries: Canada and Spain.  Mr. Wood also writes a blog – “Loath to Close… Still!” – which encourages others to reflect upon and learn from President Lincoln’s life and legacy.  For more information, visit www.mrlincoln.com