Memory Picture Book Kits

What are Memory Picture Book Kits?

As our loved ones begin getting older, it’s essential to keep them feeling engaged and part of our lives. For family members and loved ones with dementia, finding activities that still work well for them can sometimes be a challenge — that’s where our Memory Picture Book Kits come in!

Memory Picture Book Kits are kits that can be checked out from any Perry County District Library location using a library card. Each kit contains approximately 14 picture books, each with their own special theme such as the 1960s, vintage cars, dogs, cats, mountains, beaches, and more.

Books in this collection are perfect for those with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, eyesight or strength challenges, etc., as they create a calming experience that encourages interaction. Most books contain minimal to no text, never mention Alzheimer’s dementia, or other struggles that could result in embarrassment, and are lightweight softcovers, making them easy to hold and flip through.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is personally experiencing, cares for, or interacts with someone who has dementia, Alzheimer’s, other memory disorders, eyesight or strength challenges.

What is in the Memory Picture Book Kit?

Currently there are six kits – one at each of our locations. Each kit contains different book titles, so there are no duplicates. For each kit’s contents, see below:

list of picture book kit titles

Who Can Check Out a Kit?

Anyone with a library card can check out a kit!

Where Can the Kits be Checked Out?

Each of the Perry County District Library locations have a Memory Picture Book Kit. Locations are as follows:

  • Corning
  • Crooksville
  • Junction City
  • New Lexington
  • Somerset
  • Thornville