Homework Help

Librarians are here to help with all of your assignments.  Click on these links to find all sorts of useful information that will be sure to "wow" your teachers.

· Internet Public Library's KidSpace: This great site brings together content on a variety of topics and helps to make sense of the overwhelming amount of information to be found online.  Best of all, it's designed just for kids.

· Internet Public Library's TeenSpace: Just like KidSpace but for an older audience.  A great resource for writing tips as well as health information relevant to teens.

· World Book Kids: Just like those clunky encyclopedias you find in the library, but online and with links to photos, videos, and more.  A great place to start your research.

· World Book Online: If World Book Kids is too kid-friendly for you, try the more mature World Book Online. 

· Student Research Center: Find magazine and newspaper articles perfect for any reading level as well as quality images, maps, and country information.

· Kids Search: Designed for slightly younger students, Kids Search can help you with assignments and projects on just about any topic. 

· Searchasaurus: Perfect place for young students (K-2nd grade) to explore online information.